Bags to Riches is an organization run by youth for youth. We are devoted to improving education by giving students a backpack to use everyday. Although our impact is big, our operation is small and we need help from people like you to further our cause. Visit our 2015 fundraising campaign and check out our perks!

Bags to Riches is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to making education more accessible to underprivileged youth. We do this by collecting unused and unwanted conference bags and donating them to children across the globe. The bags are not only functional, but symbolic. They make travel for students easier, as children are often faced with a long trek to school with nothing to carry their supplies, and also give them a more personal connection to their education

We do this by first contacting conferences and explaining our cause and ask if they are interested in participating. When they accept, we place donation boxes in the conference area, talk to the convention attendees, and collect the bags. Finally, we consolidate the donations, fill the packs with school supplies if the budget allows, and ship them to a partnering organization who will deal with redistribution or travel to the location personally.

With a larger team, the operation has grown immensely. Initially we were only targeting local conferences and donating to community shelters, but within the past year we’ve expanded our scope internationally, accepting donations from as far as Australia and Belgium and distributing to Dhaka, Bangladesh.

We are passionate about making the world a better place; but we can’t do it without your help! We need you to bring our cause worldwide. Click the link and donate to make an immeasurable difference!


Our Goals

Beginning as an organization run by one person out of his home, Bags to Riches has grown to include new members as well new donation locations. With a larger staff and scope, we also have larger goals. They are as follows:


1.     Ensure that each school bag is adequately filled with necessary school supplies

2.     Be able to permanently ship internationally

3.     Eliminate intermediaries for donation and allow team members to travel to and distribute at donation sites

4.     Expand our national efforts through partnerships


We hope that one day Bags to Riches will be a staple at every conference or major event center around the globe. This will dramatically reduce waste, support environmentally-friendly causes, and most importantly, held provide youth with the tools they need for a successful future.