What Our Partners Means to Us

We value the opportunities created by our partnerships that augment our ability to collect bags locally and donate internationally. The partnerships of Bags to Riches usually involve a major conference center that allows Bags to Riches to permanently station our boxes outside conferences, greatly increasing bag count and exponentially aiding our target population of underprivileged children.

We are very grateful for the Calvin L. Rampton Salt Palace Convention Center for being our first official partner. Serving as the media hub for the 2002 Winter Olympics and one of Utah’s most frequented convention centers, the Salt Palace provides the perfect venue for Bags to Riches to increase its influence, get positive attention, and collect useful donations.

Similarly, we are grateful to Brent Hathaway and Tyrel Williams from the University of Utah for helping us to coordinate bag drives at buildings across the University of Utah campus. The University of Utah is as devoted to their students as we are to the students we donate conference bags to, it was a true joy to partner with them. We would also like to thank Paula Aoki from the Natural History Museum of Utah for helping us to coordinate a bag drive at the museum.

We cannot thank our partners enough for their eagerness to be involved in our cause! Please take a chance to look at their website and support them the same way they supported us. 

Please contact us if you are interested in a partnership! We are interested in anything from having a designated shipping company or partnering with conference centers, to organizations willing to donate school supplies to fill the bags.


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